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There are two main types of Investments that a Life Insurance advisor can offer: Segregated Funds and GICs. 

A Segregated Fund combine many of the features of a mutual fund, with elements of an insurance contract. They include guarantees and advantages that are not available with traditional mutual funds and are only available for purchase through an insurance company. 

A GIC (guaranteed investment certificate) is a Canadian investment that offers a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period of time. 

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Why should I choose a Segregated Fund? 

An Efficient Way to do an Estate Transfer

In a segregated fund policy, you are able to name a beneficiary; this can allow you to bypass probate. Probate can be a time consuming and expensive legal process.

Additional Protection for your Investments  

A segregated fund policy includes both a maturity guarantee and a death benefit guarantee. 

Growth Potential and Flexibility

Some types of segregated funds include reset options. As the market value in your policy increases, a reset allows you to increase you guarantee values to a percentage of the market value. 

Potential for Creditor Protection

In the event of bankruptcy or lawsuit, your investments within a segregated fund may be protected from your creditors, provided you have named a family member as a beneficiary. 

Protect your Privacy

One significant advantage of segregated funds is the privacy that they offer you and your beneficiaries. With mutual funds and other types of investments, when you pass away the investment proceeds are paid directly into the estate and are subject to probate. Once a will is probated, it becomes a publicly available record in the province of residence. Segregated funds with a named beneficiary, does not form part of an estate, and therefore the proceeds are paid directly to the beneficiaries quickly and privately. 

As you can see there are lots of advantages to owning a Segregated Fund.  I’d be happy to answer any additional questions.  Please schedule an appointment with me.


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